Thursday, June 2, 2011

90% of Businesses Think They Are Inefficient. So What?

Randy Davis, Vice President Sales and Marketing Operations

A competitor recently came out with a "press release" based on a survey of 5,500 company records managers that claimed "Ninety Percent of Businesses Believe They Are Inefficient."

I'd like to know who the 10% of businesses that believe they are efficient are.

This is a bit like saying, "90% of all people think they don't exercise enough." OK, now what? According to the survey results, most of the companies already have in place "formal programs for how their companies should manage information," which, I suppose, includes eliminating obstacles, removing paper, idling back the copier, etc.

This news release seems a bit like motherhood and apple pie.

I would imagine that most people would settle for bringing more efficiency to a single, departmental process rather than to an entire company.

How about this for capturing and eliminating paper, automatically organizing it, and then quickly finding it:
  • Use bar codes to identify form document types and identify account holders. You can inexpensively create label sheets of bar codes, or forms that automatically print with bar codes, that contain simple information such as:

    • Account ID
    • Document Type
One of our customers uses this simple technique to seamlessly and automatically process documents during the scanning process. 
  • Scan documents using a system that can automatically ID the documents, separate them, index and organize them, route them to the required work queue, and securely store them.

  • Shred any documents that do not need to be physically stored by law, regulation, or company policy

  • Use a cloud service provider to eliminate capital and reduce the need for IT maintenance.
If you have any other practical advice on how to bring efficiency to a business process burdened with paper, let us hear from you.

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